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Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm PST
with two 6-year-old boys. first we go live to cbs reporter randall pinkston in newtown with the latest on the investigation. good afternoon, randall. >> reporter: connecticut police say the locations of the shooting sandy hook elementary school and the home where adam lanza lived with his mother are crime investigation scenes. authorities are engaged in an intense investigation trying to find as much information as they can about what led to friday's horrific crime. people sobbed and held each other as they arrived for 6- year-old jack pinto's funeral one of 26 to be held in this community over the coming days. noah pozner will also be laid to rest today. elisa doesn't know the families but plans to attend. >> we just want to be there for the families. i think they're inconsolable. i would be. >> reporter: police say the people died after 20-year-old adam lanza shot his way into their school friday morning. investigators are searching for a motive. >> there are many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed. we will not stop until we have interviewed every last one of them. >> report
Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
writer. cigar smoking, beer drinking, opposite tony randall. surprisingly, it was not his most successful television series. in the 1970's, it was on five years on abc. and it never went up to 36 but reruns' turned this into a cult classic. it was far more popular than his other television series, quincy. he was the medical examiner for seven seasons. it premiered in 1976 as the mystery movie. it quickly became a weekly series and when it ended, he made brief appearances but stayed on his ranch racing horses. he continued to smoke and he lost a vocal cord. >> he thought sure that he was going to get better. - and i thought that i was going to get better. >> one of his most memorable was "days of wine and roses"... he also starred in 1283 me12 angry men. he married twice and had two sons. he earned two emmy nominations on the odd couple. it was his longtime friend, tony randall who helped him through his throat cancer. and persuaded him to resume 19 90's. with just one local court there was a stage version and. >> while they continued to reprise the felix and oscar, they admitted that ther
Dec 30, 2012 11:15pm EST
the right side. randall with the handle. 38yards. 14-0. eagles mailed this one in. late in the second quarter, 28- 7. this is in the second quarter, people. manning again, all day to cruz. 24yards gets the mariachi band out and salsa. manning with his first career five touchdown game. 42-7. reid likely walks off as head coach for the last time. >>> ravens on the road in cincinnati. taylor takes over for plaxico. remember him from virginia tech. down 14-7. taylor fakes the handoff, and ravens are up 14- 13. mobile quarterback. six minutes to go. ravens down 2 and taylor going to get this one tipped and picked by dunlap. look at the foot work there. 14yards to the house. ravens lose, 23-14. baltimore hosts indianapolis next sunday at 1:00 p.m. >>> inspirational moment as a coach returns to the field after his battle with leukemia. and the redskins update, straight ahead. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free. >>> welco
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am EST
.m. today at the white house. later, randal o'toole with the cato institute. he has a new book and will be joining us at 8:30. "washington journal" continues on this friday morning. we're back in a moment. [video clip] >> there are cynics who say that a party platform is something that no one bothers to read and it does not very often amount to much. whether it is different this time than it has ever been before, i believe the republican party has a platform that is a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale pastel shades. [cheers and applause] >> the 1976 campaign is interesting because you see the evolution of reagan, his mind, his philosophy as a politician. he talks in this speech about hope and about the future and a future without nuclear weapons and an america free without nuclear weapons being aimed at them but it's a more progressive, it's a more optimistic view of the world than, say, 1976. it is not just a denunciation of big government liberalism or big government programs. you can see his anti-communism is evolving, his cultural view is evolving. he has not
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
unless congress hammers out the deal. lawmakers went home route an agreement of negotiations, randall? >> reporter: went home but they will be back tomorrow, we hope. one half of a trillion dollars. that is the tax increases on new year's day unless a deal can be reached. now, they have been coming closer but so far not enough to come up with an agreement. >> members of congress met meetings today on capitol hill without a deal. hours before the nation is set to fall off the fiscal cliff. >> there are are still significant differences between the two sides, tpheg orbiations continue. >>> if respects and temaccurates can not strike a deal before midnight monday taxes will go up for almost every american. automatic spending cuts will kick in and millions will lose unemployment benefits. >> i want everyone to know i am willing to get had this done. i need a dance partner. >>> republicans introduced a proposal by slowing the growth of social security. senators say there is movement as both sides try to compromise about which americans should start paying a higher tax rate. >> this is a l
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
to the united states. randall pinkston said the pennsylvania native died saving the life of a doctor kidnapped from the taliban. >> reporter: nicolas checque was a member of the seal. on his latest mission, he and his team were called in to rescue a doctor. last wednesday, east of kabul, that taliban forces kidnapped if joseph and two afghan staff members. u.s. officials say the taliban demanded $100,000 random for joseph, money his contain did not have. on saturday night, the navy seales, including petty officer nicolas checque, launched an assault. nicolas checque was killed by a single gunshot to the head. seven taliban members, who were armed with machine guns, grenade launchers and ak-47's were also killed. joseph was rescued unharmed. nicolas checque had served in iraq and afghanistan. >> that was his plan. it wasn't college. it wasn't engineering. it was, i'm interested in being in the military. i'm interested in living that lifestyle of serving my country. that's what he wanted to do. >> reporter: nicolas checque's family is asking for privacy. randall pinkston, cbs news. >>> did you s
Dec 31, 2012 4:30am EST
some sort of compromise before massive spending cuts and tax increases kick in. randall pinkston has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: members of congress left meetings on capitol hill sunday without a deal. hours before the nation is set to fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. >> there is still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue. >> reporter: if republicans and democrats can't strike a deal before midnight monday, taxes will go up for most every american. automatic spending cuts will kick in. millions will lose unemployment benefits. >> i'm willing to get this done but i need a dance partner. >> reporter: republicans introduced but quickly withdrew a proposal to cut the deficit by slowing social security. >> there is a lot of give and take going on right now but republicans don't want to see tax increases used for new spending. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was called on to help with the negotiations, this as the white house places a lot of the blame for the impasse on the gop. >> they say their biggest prior is making sure we deal with
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
say they're close to an agreement. there are still some major sticking points. randall pinkston has the very latest. >> reporter: the gnat is close to a daily as the clock ticks toward mid nature and the nation teethers on the edge of the so-called fiscal cliff. >> let's pass the tax relief portion now. let's take what's been agreed to and get moving. >> reporter: the tentative deal would extend bush era tax cuts for families making $450,000 a year and individuals making 40 o,000. it would also extend unemployment benefits for one year. president obama said he would have preferred a grand bargain that solves all of washington's revenue and spending problems. >> with this congress, that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time. it may be we can do it in stages. >> reporter: negotiations have been going on all day, lawmakers and aids moving back and forth between meeting rooms on what is normally a quiet new year's eve. the major sticking point now is spending. the president suggested lawmakers take action on deficit reduction in the next few months and that more tax r
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
laid to rest today. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: a bus carrying students drove up to the high school as a grief stricken town tried to get to some routine. police were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. >> i wouldn't send my children to school if i had the choice right now. i wouldn't. >> i think it's important the children do go back to school. >> reporter: all schools except sandy hook elementary are open. the scene of the massacre will remain closed for months. when those children do go back, they'll attend a school in a nearby town. people lit candles to remember the lives cut short. they paid their respects at the memorials set up for the 26 victims. the grieving process continues. the families of two more children are saying a final farewell. the family of james mattioli used to joke he was born four weeks early because he was hungry. >> jessica rekos will also be laid to rest. tonight there will be a wake for victoria soto, a teacher who shielded her students from the gunman. she was just the best. she loved her family more than anything. >> reporter: it's on
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
, connecticut, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >>> randall, have investigators learned anything as to how adam lanza gained access to these high powered ammunition? >> reporter: we know that his mother obtained those weapons legally. they were applied for. she had to fill out a lot of paperwork to get them. we don't know whether she kept locked. we don't know whether he had permission to use them whenever he wanted to. we know she took him with her to shooting ranges several times over the course of the past several years. today we learned from investigators that both adam lanza and his mother had made visits to multiple gun ranges. so obviously, he was familiar with weapons with his mother's permission. whether he had access to those firearms, we can't say at this time. >> randall pinkston in newtown, connecticut, thank you. >>> schools throughout the bay area are reviewing their security procedures, following friday's tragedy in connecticut. ann notarangelo is in antioch where they admit there is a limit to what they can do to keep students safe. >> reporter: schools in the bay area hav
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
of many small businesses is up in the air. randall pinkston heads up the cost of uncertainty for one owner. >> a therapy already used with adults shows promise in treating children with advanced leukemia. this young girl shares her experience. >> and holiday return. >> it's my pleasure to return this to you. >> jeff: tony guida watches as a famous hotel welcomes back long missing items, no questions asked. >> this is the captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. syrian rebels tonight are ramping up their adult-- assault on damascus and a legalo the country's largest city. the u.n. peace envoy met with u.n. and russian diplomats trying to broker a cease-fire. at the same time there is growing concern tonight over al qaeda's influence in the rebel ranks. david martin is at the pentagon. >> reporter: video said to show the aftermath of a syrian air strike provides graphic evidence of a life-and-death battle which high level diplomats say is bad and getting worse. despite its air power the assad regime appears increasingly on the defe
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
. thank you, lad. where's randal? he's in that closet over th it happened so fast, rogers, i thought the roof fell on me. blodgett got away, but i have a plan to bring him in. i'm sorry, roy. i... forget it, randal. when will the sheriff be back? he's due in about noon tomorrow. if you see him before i do, you tell him i'm bringing his brother in and he'll enforce the law no matter who gets hurt. come on, scotty. are y'all willing to go along with the plan? you can count me in, roy. nelly bell and me will be raring to go. i'd give every ounce of dust i ever dug to put that thievin' coyote on the ground. i understand how you feel, scotty. we'll just let the law take of blodgett and his boys. what do you say we turn in? you've had a pretty rough day. that i have, lad. evenin', randal. you got a lot of gall, coming in here. oh, now take it easy, randel. i came to give myself up. i'll stand a deal with my partners. here's my gun. sorry to do this to you again, randal. you and i just happen to be at opposite sides of the law right now. get over there. ♪ ♪ n
FOX Business
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm EST
back to track where we should be. neil: you know, randal, you remind me, tea have talked -- we have talked over the years about how market could have an impact on the fed, and those folks in congress, if there is a big sell-off tomorrow. if it echoes the futures, that will compel them to get their hineys back and do something or maybe not? >> it sends a real warning signal to the members of congress. i remember i was at federal reserve we had vote ont.a.r.p. legislation that first failed, then the dow and s&p fell by 7 or 8%, some members changed their votes, they realized, maybe this is going to provide support it main street, it may not be such a terrible thing. as far as taxpayers, most of these have paid off well to the taxpayer. neil: there is a benefit, i know that sounds like twisted logic, but there is a benefit to a huge market sell-off, it provides cover to wimpy politicians. >> it does, i really wish we did not have to go to the cliff to do these things, that is fragile. you don't want to take these risks, because sometimes you can't come back, we came back from the depth
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
opposite the late tony randall who played felix unger, his obsessively clean roommate. >> look, what do you see? >> mayonnaise. >> reporter: klugman started acting when he returned home from world war ii. he quickly landed major tv and film roles. in 1953, he married actress brett somers, and the couple had two sons. they separated after 21 years but remained married until somers died at age 83. he would later marry peggy crosby. >> a medical term for guts. >> reporter: following "the odd couple," klugman starred as a crime-solving medical examiner in "quincy m.e." having won habit with oscar madison, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. practically voiceless he continued working. he continued to work with randall, appearing on broadway in "the sunshine boys." >> say that again. >> why? >> say it again. >> i feel great. >> reporter: the two teamed up in 1983 for an "odd couple" reunion show. klugman continued to act into his 80s. he passed away at his home on monday. he was 90 years old. cbs news, los angeles. >>> straight ahead, your christmas day forecast. >>> plus, the perfect christmas
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
on cbs "this morning." >> big business is together in wanting to avoid the fiscal cliff. tonight randall pinkston with the worries of small business. >> reporter: retired army officer rod hudson runs a 13 man business that operates at the centre of national security. >> we make sampling kit for weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: quicksilver analytics allow them to test for anthrax, chemical and nuclear materials. >> every air force base recently bought a sampling kit. all the special forces guys, coast guard strike teams. >> reporter: but now with the post-election budget fight in washington over the fiscal cliff, hudson's business faces a battle on three fronts. all of which are up in the air. defense cuts, tax hikes, employee health-care costs. >> uncertainty kills businesses, because you can't plan. you can't program, you can't forecast. >> reporter: with defense spending on the chopping block, even with congress avoids the fiscal cliff, hudson predicts that 15% slowdown in orders next year. >> it could be june before we start seeing orders and if that's true, i will end up lay
Dec 10, 2012 4:00am PST
. >>> there is plenty of interests in the comings and going in washington. as randall pinkston reports even small businesses have a lot to lose if huge cuts and spending starts at the beginning of the year. >>> he operates a business. >> we make sampling kits for weapons of mass weapons. >> reporter: quicksilver an lit ticks makes tests to test. >> every air force base in the world recently bought a sam plirng kit, all the special forces guys, coast guard, strike teams. >> reporter: but now with the post election budget team fight in washington over the fiscal cliff he faces a battle on three fronts, all of which are up in the air. defense cuts, tax hikes, employee health care costs. >> uncertainty kills businesses because you can't plan, you can't program, you can't forecast. >> reporter: with defense spending on the chopping block, even if congress avoids the fiscal cliff, hudson predicts a 15% slowdown in orders next year. >> it could be june before we start seeing orders, and if that's true, i will end up laying off people. >> reporter: hudson's also concerned about taxes. because his profits
Dec 12, 2012 4:00am PST
in organized labor for decades. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: police clash with union supporters who are angry over new legislation that makes michigan a right-to-work state. >> one of them grabbed me by the head. an another one sprayed me right in the face. >> reporter: from the floor to the rafters inside the capitol building protesters shouted "shame on you" as michigan's controlled republican house passed the bill. union members fear it will hurt wages and benefits and set a dangerous precedent nationwide. >> cheap labor, not even a living wage, i'm sure. can you live on $10 an hour? >> reporter: the new law means private sector workers don't have to pay union dues while getting union representation. backers say it creates more jobs and gives workers more freedom. >> it is the principle that people should not be forced to join a union or any organization if they do not wish to. >> reporter: the demonstration did not die down even after lawmakers passed the legislation. protesters swarmed rick snyder's office building tuesday demanding that he veto the bill, but the republican gov
Dec 25, 2012 8:00am PST
's long-time friend and co-star tony randall who helped him through his throat cancer treatment and persuaded him to resume his acting in the 1990s. with just one vocal cord doing the work of two, klugman returned for a stage version and a tv version of "the odd couple". >> let me hear you say please. >> reporter: while they continued to reprise their felix and oscar roles on stage and television, klugman admitted they were probably too old for the parts. but he added, who knows them better than us? i am oscar madison. when randall died in 2004, klugman said this to cnn's larry king. >> it's amazing. you know a guy is going to die, you know it, but you can't prepare for the finality. i don't care if it's 110 and they tell you he's gone. it just knocks me out. you can't accept the finality of it. as i say, a world without tony randall is a world i cannot recognize. >> jack klugman died in his home in north ridge, california, with his wife peggy by his side. he was 90 years old. alina cho, cnn, new york. progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving
Dec 4, 2012 10:00pm PST
... i mean, you can say that randall stephenson is responsible because randall stephenson's the ceo of at&t. but what impact saying that randall stephenson is responsible for that, would have on the eventual safety of future crews, i think that's too far to connect. at what point do you connect? i don't know. >> when osha came to investigate the fatality... >> smith: in the course of our investigation, we obtained this private letter to osha from the subcontractors trade group. in it, they urged osha to go after carriers and turf vendors that hire unqualified contractors, warning that otherwise, "fatalities are going to continue." but three years later, we found out that osha doesn't even track which carriers are connected to fatal accidents. at this point in time you don't collect data on the carriers? >> we don't. >> smith: and is that something that you should be doing? >> it's something we could do. again, it's a lot of work to try to trace things up to the ultimate owner. but it's ... it would probably not be a bad idea for us to do that. >> smith: is it that much work? don't y
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
randall in the dark. >> hopefully they used to get it done quickly. disee they're out here working on it. >> pg&e did scramble.0"] highway 17, you can barely catch a mobile sign flashing maximum speeds of 40 miles per hour before someone triggered a 52 miles per hour reading and higher. the chp had a busy morning responding to accidents. back on vine hill road it will be slow going with one lane, but the improvement is welcomed. many residents aren't counting on a rye coverry for some time. >> i know from experience here it's probably going take many aired so we're going to have a one rain for a while. >> and they may be surprised a spokesperson told me engineers are looking at possibilities of emergency repairs on that second lane could get started as early as next week. in santa cruz county abc 7 news. >> thank you. stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. remember, you can track every storm this season, any time you wish with live doppler 7 hd on our web site. >> we have breaking news out of oakland now. the threat of a federal takeover of the oakland police department ended.
Dec 30, 2012 5:30pm PST
are one day over from americans getting tax hikes. randall pinkston is live with the lack of opt -- optimism. >> reporter: yes, but the senate and house are in town. unusual between new year's and christmas for that to happen. one senator is calling it not a great attitude in congress right now. >> senator? >> reporter: 7 tors arrived to continue last-minute negotiations hours before the nation is set to fall off of the so-called fiscal cliff. after a day of intense talks, senate majority leader, harry reid said there will not be a deal tonight. >> there is a distance between the two sides, tpheg orbingiations continue. >> if republicans and democrats can not strike a deal, taxes will go up for almost every american, automatic cuts will kick in and millions will loose unemployment benefits. >> i want everyone to know i am will willing to get this done but i need a dance partner. >> they quickly cut the deficit by slowing the growth of social security but the senate says there is a little bit of movement when they are compromising which americans should should get ready to pay
Dec 9, 2012 5:30pm PST
in the air. randall pinkston heads up the cost of uncertainty for one owner. a therapy already used with adults shows promise in treating children with advanced leukemia. this young girl shares her
Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
with a 49er loss they crushed the titans. this one to randall cobb makes a great catch. packers win 55-7. >>> it's been a long season for the raiders and their fans. this is one of the most incompetent years evident with the loss to carolina. it has radar fans keep coming out. cam through for 27 yards. physical game, carson paul her gets crushed by brady. palmer left the game with a rib injury. league will be handing out fines in this game. he kicked kelly and he missed the kick. kelly was penalize on the play. this pick by luke, that is it. panthers only other touchdown. cam new ton a 3-yard run. as they fall 4-11, 17-6 final. >> colts win over the chiefs but jamal made them sbet. he ran for 226 yards including this touchdown. bright future for this man. chiefs down 13-10. winning touchdown in reggie wayne with a 20-13 victory. >> cincinnati grabbed the final berth biobeating the steelers. 24 seconds left. roethlisberger throws his second pick of the game. as you know the interception and josh brown made the field goal with four seconds left. bengals moving on to the playoffs for the
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
jose avenue and randall street and runs until four a-m >>> tomorrow morning. for those last minute planners. we'll tell you where to go to find some of the hottest parties to ring in the 2013 >>> still looking for a safe way to get around during new years eve? coming up we bring some options to help you get home safe. >> democratic and republican leaders are working through the weekend in an effort to keep the country from going over the "fiscal cliff." if they don't reach a compromise by the stroke of midnight on the 31st, a combination of sweeping spending cuts and widespread tax increases will take effect in days. jessica yellin has the >> reporter: in washington, there is still hope a deal can be cut in time to avert the fiscal cliff. on saturday the president was at work here at the white house, but all eyes were up on the senate where negotiators were trading deal points and revenue figures, to try to reach an agreement all sides can stomach. the base line for the president - any bipartisan bill would have to extend unemployment insurance benefits that would affect some two m
Dec 23, 2012 11:30pm EST
after the win over the cardinals. right ankle injury. randall cobb jushed his ankle and i'm told x-rays taken after the game were negative and he'll have mri on monday and could be available for week 17 against the vikings and should be available for the postseason. >> okay, mike, thanks. tune into "pro football talk" every weekend at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. the seahawks 42 and the 49ers 13. al and cris back to wrap things up from seattle after this. . no. wendy's mozzarella chicken supreme. crisp chicken, lots of mozzarella, and a rich parmesan sauce. making tastes that make the season. that's wendy's way. now that's better. get a $10 toys-r-us gift card offer when you purchase a kid's meal. see offer for details. my son loves the apps and movies. but my daughter? vampire books. sharing... whooh forget it! with our walmart credit card -- special financing, we can get two. the kids are happy. my shopping's done. our budget -- under control. now, let's go. i knew that. right. umph, i love that woman. [ male announcer ] get the seasons hottest brands, like nook hd and hd
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
with randall pinkston reporting for wjz. >>> a bus carrying students drove up to the high school in newtown connecticut as a grief stricken town to tried to get back to some sort of routine. the bus had a ribbon on it. police were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. >> i wouldn't send my children to school if i had the choice rite right now. i wouldn't. >> i think it's important that the children do go back to school. >> all schools except sandy hook elementary are open. the scene of the massacre will remain closed for months. when those children go back they will attend a school in a nearby town. people lit candles to remember the lives cut short. they paid their respects at the memorial set up for the 26 victims. >> the grieving process continues here in newtown. the families of two more children are saying a final farewell today. >> mourners gathered at st. rose of lima church for the funeral of james mattioli. his family says he used to joke he was born four weeks early because he was hungry. jessica rekos will also be laid to rest. her family says she loved horses and had ask
Dec 9, 2012 1:00pm PST
at one of the rarest, most endangered animals on the planet. the randall line backed cow. they're rarer than panda. there are fewer than 500 left on the planet, not in some far flung area of the world, but right here, on an iconic form in northern virginia. >> this strain is more than 400 years, and this is the only remaini remaining colonial strain in the north. >> this farmer is on a mission to save this historic breed of cattle from going extinct. >> it's not only the rarest of all cows, but it's an american cow and it's something that has an enormous history connected with it. >> reporter: the cow known for its strength and beauty played a key role in the revolutionary war, helping washington travel miles over rough terrain. but this hearty utility cow with its trademark white stripe down the back, as dwindles in size. it went down to an estimated 15. the randall line back was considered critically endangered. >> it had no survival plan, nobody was interested in it. >> reporter: until henderson came along. >> the dairy cow looks way bony, it's overdone, it's all too much. >> reporte
Dec 30, 2012 8:30am PST
school. cbs reporter randall pinkston looks back at the year's top stories. >> reporter: a gunman stormed sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, and began firing. when it was over, six adults and 20 first graders were dead. >> they just babies. they shouldn't be taken away from their mother and father. >> reporter: the shooter, 20- year-old adam lanza, killed himself. it was the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. in july, a man opened fire during the mid-night premier of the new bat man movie in colorado. >> straight from the ceiling and took a gun and pointed it straight to my face. >> reporter: prosecutors say james holmes killed 12 people wounding 58 others. the shooting death of an unarmed florida teenager sparked protest around the country. >> no justice. >> reporter: neighborhood watchman george zimmerman argued he shot 17-year-old troy a von martin in self-defense but prosecutors eventually charged him with murder. a judge sentenced jared loughner to seven terms of life and he plead guilty to attempted murder. superstorm sandy slammed into the new york
Dec 24, 2012 11:30pm PST
couple along with tony randall. he played the slob next to randall. later he starred on the series quincy and e playing a corner detective. he won three emmy's for his work. he was 90 years old. >>> an avalanche at a popular sierra resort turned deadly. >>> and we'll tell you what and who led police to this waterway early this morning. >>> a christmas tradition in san francisco we'r [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> crews in marin county are putting the finishing touches on repairs to a 13-inch water main that burst this morning in mill valley. the road buckled from the force of
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
by adam lanza, six months ago. randall pinkston, back to you. >> have they found any prior history are violence in adam lanza's life? >> reporter: if they have, they have not announced it to reporters. we know that they have gone through his laptops, combing through evidence from the lanza home. we also know according to a marriage counselor that adam lanza's parents during their divorce proceedings were very concerned about him. they both were cooperative. they wanted to make sure he was getting the care that he needed. that counselor says that the mother described him as having been diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. >> thank you, randall pinkston in newtown, connecticut. >>> cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo has been talking to bay area school administrators who admit there are limits to what they can do to keep students safe. >> reporter: there is an one expectation. we send our children to school and they come home safe and a little smarter. what happened in connecticut breached that agreement. >> how do you adequately prepare for something like this? it's just
Dec 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
, connecticut, four more victims of the elementary school shooting were laid to rest today. cbs reporter randall pinkston shows us how firefighters paid tribute to a boy who wanted to grow up to be like them. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters formed a long line outside a church in newtown, connecticut, for the funeral of daniel barden. the 7-year-old wanted to grow up to be a firefighter. his was one of three funerals from the shook shook shooting. caroline previdi and charlotte bacon were also laid to rest. bagpipes also played for 27- year-old teacher victoria soto, as mourners packed a church in nearby stratford for her funeral. soto has been hailed as a hero for shielding her students from the gunman. >> she gave her life for those kids. it's it breaks my heart. >> reporter: connecticut's governor has declared friday a day of mourning asking houses of worship to ring their bells 26 times at 9:30 a.m. one time for each victim of the sandy hook shooting marking one week since their deaths. well-wishers placed more stuffed animals at the memorial set up to honor the 20 children and 6 teache
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
as makeshift memorials to the 26 victims continue to grow. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: coming to newtown tonight, new hampshire police confirming that nancy lanza the first shooting victim of her son adam lanza, there was a memorial service for her today in new hampshire. meanwhile, here in newtown, more funerals for the victims of last friday's shooting rampage. a large portrait of 6-year-old benjamin wheeler stood outside trinity episcopal church in newtown, connecticut. about two dozen boy scouts lined up outside to honor the former cub scout. [ belmont stakes ] >> reporter: his was one of several funerals and wakes held today. earlier in the morning a hearse left another church with the coffin of 6-year-old catherine hubbard a little girl known for her love of animals. friday is a week since the massacre. for many in this grief-stricken town the loss hasn't sunk in. >> it's unfathomable. it's still, you know, even in look -- even look at all this it's unbelievable. it's is this really happening? >> reporter: family and friends also said good-bye to 52-year- old teacher a
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm EST
. randall reports for wjz. one elementary school was force to close because of threats. >>> the coffin carrying the body of james left the church as family and friends hugged each other. his family described him as a numbers guy who loved math and recess. >>> soon after the little boy's funeral, the scene was repeated. mourners gathered at the same church to say good-bye to jessica rekos. who loved horses and whales. >>> one for teacher victoria soto who has been called a hero for shielding students from the gunman. >> the memorials for the 20 students and 6 teachers grow each other. well wishers are coming to pay their respects. some lit candles. other put ornaments on christmas trees. many wonder how the families will get through the holidays. >> that's where my heart goes out to. i can't imagine having to wake up christmas morning. i wouldn't want to. >> newtown is slowly trying to return to normal. other schools reopened for the first time. the buses had green and white ribbons on the front. sandy hook's colors. police kept one school closed after they received threats. >> i'll alw
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
town of monroe. in newtown, connecticut, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> investigators say the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza, had fired guns at shooting ranges during the past several years, but there was no evidence he did so recently as practice for the rampage. >>> well, of course everyone is asking what can we do to stop these mass killings. wjz's complete coverage continues. adam may with more on the calls to improve mental health care. adam. >> today's experts in that field say if we do not do more to improve mental health care in this country another school massacre is pretty much guaranteed. it's been widely reported school shooter adam lanza suffered some kind of personality disorder, but it's still unclear if his family ever tried to get him help to prevent him from turning violent. >> do we want connecticut to happen again? three times? four times? five times? ever again? never. >> reporter: linda kohler is a mental health advocate in baltimore. her organization nami overwhelmed by requests for help every day. >> a mother wanted a teenager to go to a psychiatris
Dec 23, 2012 3:00pm PST
: you are looking at one of the rarest, most endangered animals on the planet. the randall lineback cow. they are more endangered than polar bears, mountain gorillas, pandas, or tigers. it's estimated there are fewer than 500 of these cows left on the planet. not many some far-flung corner of the world, but most right here on a farm in northern virginia. joe henderson, a real estate executive and part-time farmer, is on a mission to save this historic breed of cattle from going extinct. >> i mean, you cannot look at these cows and tell me they're not beautiful. they really are. those little teeny babies -- >> they're cute. >> they are more than cute. i mean, they are -- >> what did you call them? >> they're the pandas of the cow world. >> it's very expensive raising these bovine pandas. >> this animal to survive must find a job. i think we've found a job, and the job is -- >> it is kind of counter intuitive that to rescue this breed, you have to consume it. kahol armstrong is a top chef in washington d.c. his restaurant, eve, has been serving the randall lineback for four years. a pleas
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm PST
schools are open. sandy hook elementary is still closed. cbs reporter randall pinkston is live in newtown. another school was forced to close because of threats. >> reporter: what we know is that the students were told not to report to school this morning. authorities say they received threats, they have not given us details but they say that students were advised not to report to classes. we don't know at this point whether the school will be open tomorrow. we assume that it will. we assume that the threats have been checked out and found to be baseless. this would be the third time in the past four days that a church or school in the area has been shut down because of bogus threats. the church a roman catholic church had to shut down and so was a high school. of course, given what happened here last friday, everyone is taking every threat seriously. and they have to be checked out thoroughly before they can allow business to continue as usual. >> reporter: the coffin carrying the body of 6-year- old james mattioli left saint rose church as family and friends hugged each other in their g
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
it the nation's 24th "right to work" state. cbs reporter randall pinkston was in lansing as tens of thousands of union supporters protested at the state capital. >> reporter: police clashed with union supporters who are angry over new legislation that makes michigan a "right to work" state. >> one of them grabbed me by the head and another sprayed me in the face. >> reporter: from the floor to the rafters inside the capital building, protestors shouted, shame on you, as michigan's republican-controlled house passed the bill. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: union members fear it will hurt wages and benefits and set a resident nationwide. >> cheap labor not even a living wage i'm sure. can you live on $10 an hour? >> reporter: the new law means public and private sector workers don't have to pay union dues, while getting union representation. backers say it creates more jobs and gives workers more freedom. >> it is the principle that people should not be forced to join a union or any organization if they do not wish to. >> reporter: the demonstration did not die down even aft
Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
then be applied to how they think politically. >> i am assuming randall, final question, that notwithstanding the fact that mitt romney was emphatically defeated, they are looking forward to 2014 and 2016. >> they are looking forward to 2040. david said in our story, we are going to do this until we stop breathing, until our last breath. everyone who thought, 2012, they put a lot of money in, they're going to go away. david koch said we're not going to play dead. they aren't going anywhere. >> intonations of immortality. randall lane, thank you so much. stay with us. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
will always be sports writer oscar madison, cigacigar-smoking writer who played off sit the neat tony randall. the series ran for five years on abc and never ranked higher than 36th in the ratings, but reruns on local stations and or nick at night turned the sitcom into a cult classic, making it far more popular than klugman's other tv series "quincy." >> you are about to enter the most fascinating sphere -- >> he was the wiley medical examiner for seven seasons. the show premiered in 1976 as part of nbc's mystery movie. it quickly became a weekly series. when it ended klugman made brief appearances but stayed mainly on his ranch raising horses. he also continued to smoke cigarettes and eventually lost a vocal cord to cancer. >> when it first happened, i was sure i was going to get better and i didn't want to let them know i couldn't talk because then i wouldn't get a job: how are you feeling? >> one of his most mom rabble film roles was opposite jack lemon. he played a counsellor for alcoholics anonymous. >> which is the one that gives you the hives? alcoholism is an illness. pretty hard to
Dec 23, 2012 6:30am EST
. >> did you see the letter written after jefferson's death went randall tried to revise the will? he wrote to the war in europe was apparently controlling the funds. he said, can we please revise this because i'd like to get those funds? i just don't know if you've seen it. >> by the 1816 will vindicate the previous wills and that was a decision of the supreme court. so it was an uphill legal battle to try to get -- >> yes, because jefferson didn't cut the legal system off at the past by pressing the will when he had the chance spent really could be? because it was contested almost immediately by kosciuszko armstrong sank of course in the back of his mind, and so -- >> [inaudible] >> pardon? >> [inaudible] >> the european errors eventually won, yes, they did. >> i just got the book this morning, so i've only read the intro, but i was really interested in the passage that you quoted earlier about how jefferson had this plan in 1789 that he wanted to turn his own monticello slaves into good citizens. i've never seen a passage before. the letter to edward conway started on he wants to bring i
Dec 24, 2012 1:00pm EST
, randall kennedy nerd is selling book company and/or time of the strange career of a troublesome word. you write about violence by speech. what do you mean? >> guest: that book is about the word nigger and is a word that is triggered lots of violence and to some it is the final word in another cells. what i wanted to do in that book was to give a history of this word that has been covered with blood literally and sometimes figuratively and wanted to show the way in which this word has wrought havoc in american culture. of course that is not all it does. one of the reasons why it was both worthy is because of the complicated word. it has a terrible history, a history of insult, history of terrorism, a history of intimidation, but of course it has been put to other uses, too. it's been made in an ironic and a term of endearment so the word nigger as a complicated word and has biomass space, but other aspects as well. .. zenas dress, she was a domestic commercial as a strong-willed lady who raised a slew of kids and sent most of them through college. i knew her for a good portion of my life.d
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
wins. randall with a team, high 16. the cardinal improve to 9-4. >> harvard was looking for its third straight victory but the crimson can play. there's allen crabbe, leads thepack twelve -- the pac-12 in scoring. harvard wins 67-62. cal falls to 8-4. >>> santa clara at dunk. with this dunk up by four. but duke would rally behind steph curry's you canner brother, seth. he had a career-he 31 points. the blue devils with the victory. santa clara falls to 11-3. >>> still to come, the college football bowl season is in full swing. a pair of pac-12 teams were in action today, and stanford >> on tuesday, stanford will play in it's 13th role bowl, the last time was in 1999 when it lost to wisconsin. the badgers red by monte ball will be the a opponent. this is the third straight -- second year they have been to the rose bowl and are hoping third is a charm. >> we know what we're here for, i told them to take advantage of all that's offered, for something for them to go do and enjoy it, but in the next few days we'll start dialing that down and get ready to play our best football game this ye
Dec 17, 2012 5:30pm PST
the children who survived will eventually resume classes. randall pinkston joins us live from newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: this is a day of overwhelming sadness mind numbs grief in newtown, the first of two of the funerals for the children who were killed in friday's massacre. massacre. children hugged each other at the funeral of 6-year-old jack pinto, adults sobbed openly. family and friends also gathered to say good-bye to noah posner. the youngest victim of the shooting spree at sandy hook elementary school. his twin sister also went to the school and was in a nearby classroom but survived the attack. pozner's mother spoke at the funeral. >> she said, whenever i told him i love you, he would say, not as much as i love you. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out why adam lanza burst into the school and started firing a high power rifle. 20 first graders and six adults were killed. emotions are running high as this community begins to lay them all to rest. throughout newtown there are memorials for the victims and their families. this one is closest to the school. people
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm PST
't happen again. reporting live in newtown, connecticut, i'm randall pinkston. back to you. >> thank you. >>> meantime, new calls for gun control laws on capitol hill today. those injured in mass shootings and families of victims were in washington, d.c. to press lawmakers on new restrictions. one father whose son survived the sandy hook shooting says it's time for action. >> we need to make this society safer if not for us, let's make it safer for our kids. >> we heard from the national rifle association today for the first time sinc the shooting. they said out of respect for the families and a matter of common decency we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra says it's prepared to offer meaningful contributions to the renewed gun debate. cbs 5 reporter grace lee is live in hayward with a look at how bay area mayors are taking on guns. grace. >>> reporter: we came here to hayward to meet with the state treasurer phil lockyer and what we learned is that california had invested millions of dollars into a gun manufacturer the s
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